Welcome To The Organic Agriculture Association Inc.

The Organic Agriculture Association members include farmers, gardeners, consumers, and those interested in sustainable food production and land use.

People who are interested in growing, eating or selling food of the highest quality.

Food that is as free as possible from poisonous residues and grown sustainably, is food known world-wide as having been “Organically Grown.”

OAA AGM (Brief) & NSW Organic Farmer Interviews

When/Where - Sunday May 23rd, 11.00am, Organic Centre, 14 McKean St Bairnsdale.

Following reports from the president and treasurer and the election of office bearers, and a casual lunch, Alan Broughton will talk of his recent trip with Nguyen Van Kien of Mekong Organics to interview organic farmers in NSW. These interviews were live streamed via Zoom to farmers in Viet Nam.

While some of the crops grown are not those commonly produced in Gippsland – rice, bananas, coffee, turmeric, ginger – others including leafy vegetables, macadamias and citrus are or can be.

Important lessons of biodiversity for pest management and local direct selling apply anywhere. The group certification scheme used on the South Coast is also very interesting and relevant.

To register for this event or for further information, utilise the OAA online contact form, email: organics@oaa.org.au or phone/text: 0429 889 479.

BYO Lunch, Face Masks Recommended.

Members and non members all very welcome.

'Grow Your Knowledge' Sessions

The OAA is continuing with the monthly opportunities to learn more and share knowledge about a variety of topics on organic food production, gardening, and other related subjects. These fun and informative sessions are organised for the first Thursday of each month, 1.00pm to nominally 2.00pm at the Organic Centre, 14 McKean Street, Bairnsdale.
All events are outdoors - please observe the current Covid-safe regulations.

Thursday 6th May
TOPIC: Chooks - Breeds & Designing living gardens for you birds health and well-being. Held outside (weather permitting).
Presenter: Sharon Dent

Thursday 3rd June
TOPIC: Berries - How to manage raspberries, strawberries and blackberry cultivars. Bring along spare berry plants for exchange or donation. Presenter: Alan Broughton

Thursday 1st July
TOPIC: Pruning Fruit Trees - Basic principles for pruning pome and stone fruits, grape vines and kiwi fruit. Includes espalier establishment and maintenance. Presenter: Alan Broughton

Thursday 5th August
TOPIC: BD - Cow Pat Pit and 500 stirring, hands on workshop.
Presenter: Sharon Dent

Thursday 2nd September
TOPIC: Mulches - What to use, why, when...
Presenter: Arja Toivanen
Thursday 7th October
TOPIC: Companion Planting - Details coming...
Presenter: ...

Members and non members all very welcome.

You must register for these events, and to do so or for further information please use the OAA online contact form,

email: organics@oaa.org.au or phone/text: 0429 889 479.