Welcome To The Organic Agriculture Association Inc.

The Organic Agriculture Association members include farmers, gardeners, consumers, and those interested in sustainable food production and land use.

People who are interested in growing, eating or selling food of the highest quality.

Food that is as free as possible from poisonous residues and grown sustainably, is food known world-wide as having been “Organically Grown.”

Mekong Organics comes to Bairnsdale

Sunday March 24th 2019, 2.00 pm

Organic Information and Resource Centre

14 McKean Street, Bairnsdale.


Dr Nguyen Van Kien - Mekong Organics and its activities

                                  - Floating rice restoration project

Le Ngoc Hiep & Nguyen Van Thai - Khmer organic home vegetable garden project

   Alan Broughton - Impressions of organic farming in the Mekong Delta


The Organic Agriculture Association is working with Mekong Organics to promote organic farming in the Mekong Delta and experience interchange between  Australian and Vietnamese organic farmers.

All welcome to an interesting discussion.