Welcome To The Organic Agriculture Association Inc.

The Organic Agriculture Association members include farmers, gardeners, consumers, and those interested in sustainable food production and land use.

People who are interested in growing, eating or selling food of the highest quality.

Food that is as free as possible from poisonous residues and grown sustainably, is food known world-wide as having been “Organically Grown.”

OAA Seminar

Pesticides: Safety myths

Farming without pesticides

8:30am - Thursday 28th June

the Hub - 27 Dalmahoy St, Bairnsdale Victoria 3875


Andre Leu • Pesticides effects on children

            • Farming without chemicals - How it can be done ?

Alan Broughton • Effects of chemicals on soil biology

Liz Clay • Growing vegetables without pesticides

Van Kien Nguyen • Emerging organic agriculture in Vietnam

Reza Davari • Pest management experience in Iran and India

Program/Speaker Profiles

Registration/RSVP - 20th June All Welcome

Entry - $30 Members $35 Non-members (Catering Provided)