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OAA Goals & Initiatives

  • To develop and maintain a resource centre for information.
  • To provide members with the opportunity to share knowledge and experiences and to access joint resources for organic methods of agriculture.
  • To encompass all organic, natural and holistic - sustainable farming methods.
  • To promote public education of regenerative effects of organic agriculture, rather than destructive practices - working with nature rather than trying to dominate it.
  • To provide and support field days, lectures and seminars.
  • To join with other groups to strengthen the movement towards a more sustainable food production and land use system.
  • Provide for seed and plant exchange and food swapping (Street Harvest and grafting days).
  • To promote research and development.
  • To actively oppose actions that do not meet community, environmental, economical and planetary prerequisites, including the highly unsustainable development GM crops and the use of synthetic chemicals.

The broadening problems for Australian agriculture are:

  • Loss of tree cover, salinity, acidity, wind and water erosion, silting and pollution of our rivers and lakes.
  • A loss of up to 80% of nutritional food density, and the flow on impact and loss of resilience inherent with using synthetic chemicals.
  • The imminent depletion of resources and the high demand for fossil fuels.
  • An immediate requirement to move to a system that prioritises adaptation to climate change and that reverses damaging atmospheric emissions.
  • Highlighting the need for SUSTAINABLE ORGANIC AGRICULTURE, promoting a healthy living soil for plants, animals, humanity and the future.