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Keep up to date with the latest OAA activities, news & events and innovative management techniques.

The OAA news letter is produced quarterly and is available free to members by mail or as a PDF.

Seedbed can alternatively be purchased, including a selection of back copies.

Seedbed also provides the opportunity to advertise at very reasonable rates.

Seedbed Production Team Editorial & Photography - Janet Eckhardt, Heather Stuart & Audrey Porter.

Expressions of interest in assisting to produce Seedbed most welcome.

Seedbed submissions: If you have some interesting information to share with other organic growers, or something you'd like to sell, please submit your articles, letters and advertisements by 15th February, May, August or November to:
Seedbed Editors, PO Box 1263, Bairnsdale, Vic 3875

Email: Mob: 0429 889 479

Opinions expressed or implied by contributors and advertisers in Seedbed are not necessarily those of the Organic Agriculture Association, the committee, or the editors.